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Kimberly's creations - Marvo could turn people into chemicals housed beakers which were the color most commonly associated with them requiring precise remixing of formulas return normal. Frankenstein Monster voiced by Tom Wyner humanoid resembling the it named after created Finster

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See Monster voiced by Brian Tahash created Finster. This monster was destroyed by the Shogun Megazord and released Ninjor. Putties are massproduced in Finster Monstermatic through use of steampressured molds and then sent large numbers | The Warehouse

Oberon to Ooze It s All in Day Work. When in giant form she loses any human appearance and often fights alongside Goldar. He was tall demonlike being with large earlike appendages and wore dark cloak that had snakes seen emerging from wielded magic wand. This monster was destroyed by the Green Ranger Dragon Dagger launched from Pink Power Bow

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Kimberly's Creations - Our ServicesHydro Hog was too powerful for the Aquitian Rangers destroy and only villain capable of withstanding Shogun Megazord Fire Saber actually completely blocking slash before hit him. His love potion first accidentally revealed to Rito and eventually Goldar learns the truth. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on talk page. Madame Woe voiced by Alex Borstein An elemental witch monster who was old friend of Rita Repulsa. She captured Billy to keep him from assisting constructing device undo Master Vile time spell

He could fire lightning bolts from his gloves and throw balls at the Rangers. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. Goldar s role draws parallels as the first born oldest brother to Scorpina Squatt and Baboo. When Lord Zedd took over as the main villain second season Squatt and Baboo roles were greatly reduced. His venom could also eat through the Ranger suits. Needlenose voiced by Tony Oliver A cactus monster created Lord Zedd from rare species of classified cactal vocifera spinoctera that Tommy gave Kimberly gift. The only way to be immune Hate Master spell is find one inner love or possess an item given by loved Aisha had both. Grumble Bee could generate energy from his wings and buzzing can deafen the Rangers. Unlike the last time she squares off with Aisha partially due to being foiled. Mantis voiced by Barbara Goodson praying monster created Finster. Goldar serves as the monster Rita creates stealing from jewelry stores and even dental implants manifest . Madame Woe voiced by Alex Borstein An elemental witch monster who was old friend of Rita Repulsa

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Mordant is not featured in the television series any manner and created for film but also appears Marvel Comics adaptation of . He can breathe fire and extend its tongue


  • Monsters edit Season One The of are created by Finster using his Monstermatic to bring clay models life although Rita has brought forth through summoning spells well. She is an old friend of Rita Repulsa. Elements of Scorpina appearance the show were incorporated into Rita costume such as her armor

  • The Oozemen proved to be too strong for Rangers unmorphed forcing them call upon their powers. Ironically he proved too powerful as giant for the megazord so Rita shrunk him back down after Rangers escaped learn how beat . He was not exactly that bright had to kidnap Kat but stuck around fight the Rangers instead of fleeing

  • He has the power to shrink anything and put it bottle part of his collection neat things. Bloom of Doom voiced by Alex Borstein multieyed flower monster created Lord Zedd from some flowers. Lipsyncher voiced by Alex Borstein lipstick monster created Lord Zedd from Trini Siren Song Red that was Kimberly purse the time

  • Squatt and Baboo edit is servant of Lord Zedd Rita Repulsa the dimwitted sidekick . Madame Woe voiced by Alex Borstein An elemental witch monster who was old friend of Rita Repulsa. Despite being stronger than Rita Putties their main weakness is Z chests which causes them to shatter explode when hit

  • Rita Repulsa. Squatt is rather excitable and may act like eager child when Rita has plan or Rangers are having trouble battle

  • Though still living the palace they mainly watch events throne room from behind wall and offer occasional comments. Goldar also has Zord of his own known Cyclopsis an ancient war machine but this defeated by the Rangers Ultrazord after prolonged battle

  • In his only brief appearance the entire series Weldo had been sent by Zedd to retrieve Bookala Lightning Diamond. footage and played by Sydney native Julia Cortez in MMPR The Movie

    • After Pumpkin Rapper was destroyed and the other monsters were defeated Doomstone fate is unknown. This monster was destroyed by the White Tigerzord and Thunder Megazord. Rito Revolto edit is a Gashadokuro skeleton who was Rita Repulsa younger brother Master Vile son with an unknown female humanoid and secondary henchman for Lord Zedd in third season often partnered Goldar few times Baboo Squatt

  • Baboo s birthplace was given the Planet of Pongies. Mr. In Power Rangers Zeo the discover Crystal ruins of Command Center surmising that Rito Goldar must have dropped

    • These monsters were destroyed by Shogun Megazord. Like Goldar she often engages in giant battles with the Zords if monster device was already destroyed by small rangers. However he often goes to Earth when there is no fight going on because his main duties are acting as spy and saboteur shown episodes like Switching Places Foul Play Sky Calamity Kimberly Rita Seed Evil

  • Destroyed by Ninjor and the Ninja Megazord. a b http us tv powerrangers the seasonswe neversaw Trumbore Dave October

    • Crabbie Cabbie voiced by Michael Sorich Oboroguruma taxicab monster created Lord Zedd using Finster vehicular transformer apparatus from that Kimberly Bulk and Skull were . Occasionally some of them were encountered that seemed little smarter Jason one point fought was able to drive car. Rita attempts to counter them by merging herself with Goldar directly but Rangers are still able destroy monster

  • Cardiatron was revived by Terror Blossom only to be destroyed again. Rockstar voiced by Tony Oliver monster created Scorpina

  • Scorpina. Aristmole had the power to steal colors with his pallet if person their taken they would be left without energy and cast explosion paint. The Rangers had been turned to children due Vile Orb of Doom and all that stood in Zedd way were Aquitian

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